Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pokemon Trading

Hello everybody. I have received some requests on how to link to trade Pokemon using VisualBoyAdvance Emulator. Thus I am writing this blog.


First off, you'll need a WiFi/LAN compatible version of VBA. They are available at You can either choose the
1.72 or the 1.8 edition(really doesn't matter). I prefer 1.72 version.
Roms of Pokemon GBA/GBC games are available at


At many websites i have seen people saying the you have to "trade back" your Pokemon, so as to fill the pokedex. But i'll show you that is not important.
If you are looking to evolve your Pokemon say: Haunter to Gengar (or) Kadabra to Alakazam, you need not trade them back. This is only if you
are trading within the same game, that is FR/LG to FR/LG or R/S/E to R/S/E. But if you trade between the different regions, you might want to trade them back.


Basic requirement to trade Pokemon is having some badges. Sincerely I don't know how many, but I usually do it after the Elite Four (taking my own
sweet time to fill the pokedex).


Open one VBA emulator. Load a game (eg; Leaf green). Play it. Go to the Pokemon center 2nd floor right side. Save Game. Close emulator. Open it again and continue (from where you last saved it).



Open another VBA emulator. Load a game (can be the same game or different one, eg: LG/FR).

ERROR: Here many face a certain problem. They load their game but have to start a new game.

FIX: To load the same game at the point where you saved it (in step 1), go to File->Import->Battery file.
A menu should open in the same folder where your ROM and saved files are. Choose and open the "sa1" file. When you continue till the main screen (after starting intro), you can continue the same saved game (as in step 1)


Here is where it all begins. Go to Options->Emulator. Uncheck the "Pause when inactive window" option in both emulators.


Go to Options->Link. Check the Wireless Setting option in both the emulators. Then open settings under the link option. Check the network option in the first screen of both emulators. Switch to Server tab on one emulator and the Client tab on the other emulator (doesn't matter which you do on what emulator). Here you "NEED NOT CHANGE" any previously set settings. In the "SERVER" press START. On the "CLIENT" press CONNECT. A window pops up saying "1 player connected. Wait for more?". Say NO. Then just press OK on the next two following pop up windows.

                            NOW                 YOU               ARE                     LINKED...........................


Since you have unchecked the Pause option earlier, both emulators will work with the same command button. There might be a bit of a lag, but ignore it. Now talk to that lady, select trade center, save game(please do everything simultaneously, otherwise you might get frustrated). Walk into the room and start trading.


Now since you are trading with yourself you need not do much selection on which Pokemon to trade, which to choose, etc.
Just fill up you party of trade-able Pokemon [eg; Haunter, Machoke, Alakazam, Onix(with metal coat-held item), Scyther(with metal coat), Graveler]. Select one, trade->yes. After trading the game will be saved. Choose another Pokemon, trade->yes. And so on.


Following these steps exactly you can trade Pokemon with yourself and not have to "trade it back".
Hope this video too helps you all.

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Thank you.


  1. I have a very serious problem with step 4. the VBA emulator I have does not have the option of link.( there any way to overcome this?

    1. go to and download the vba 1.8 lan/wifi edition. problem fixed

    2. Yeah I did that, but now every time I open ma game in the link emulator I cannot reload my saved game and have to start a new one. I also see that the save files are different from those of the link emulator. One is called xyz.sav and the other xyz.sa1, do you now how to fix that?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I GOT SOLUTION!!! I had same prob that save type is different in VBAlink vs VBA normal. you don't need to do all progress again but Its a bit tricky...
      my solution to fix:
      1. Run your game in normal VBA.
      2. go to file>export and export battery file of your game in normal VBA that works and save.
      3. next go to file>import import this battery file in VBA Link and it should be your game with progress (hopefully :)
      4. if you like, save in ".sa1" and continue playing your game
      (info: if VBAlink is second VBA running it'll be ".sa2")
      this took forever for me to get working, but I then got this "connect error" thingy a lot! thats why Im here, so I hope I helped :) good luck

    5. hello there, i have downloaded the 1.8 version and when i try to load my saved games the emulator just crash its self. what can i do? any help would be appreciated thanks

  2. ok i really need some help. i load my games by opening my emulator, then clicking file>Open Gameboy>Emerald. then i go to file again, click load, and click on my save file. i dont have a saved game on the emulator itself. when i do save on there, it only remembers it when i go through the VBA, not VBAlink. when i do it through VBAlink, my only option is "New Game". and when i try to go through File to load my game on VBAlink(i have 1.8 and 1.72),1.8 just freezes and 1.72 says "Unsupported VisualBoyAdvance save file 9." I have the beta version of VBA, is that the problem? really hopin you can help me, this is beyond frustrating

    1. I'm having the same problem. So far the only reason I can think of is we played the game on the wrong VBA version. The 'Link' option is only usable when you've played it on the VBAlink version. Which would mean you'd have to play through the whole game on the VBAlink version, which would indeed suck balls. Hope I'm wrong though, still waiting/looking for help myself too

  3. When I try to save it says "Save error", "Please Exchange back-up memory"

    1. Go to options, Emulator save type 128 KB then restart game

  4. My problem is it asks for one to be the leader and the other to join, but since they're moving simultaneously you can't alternate options =/

    1. got it to work by unsyncing them for that brief moment

  5. hi it works in pokemon crystal version?

  6. i tried your way but it keeps telling me "your friend is not ready" on both screens at the same time. please help me out.

  7. Umm is there any way to do this with ds games like pearl/diamond or heart gold/soul silver?

  8. Hmm, it says "your friend is not ready" - I feel i've tried the most.. Link version with wireless etc. Also export file and import as Joseph Dickson told.. Nevertheless its always "your friend is not ready"
    - How come? Anyone?

  9. I follow the instructions to a T and when I get the two screens to say "Please Wait. ... B Button: Cancel" it just stays there until I press B on both games. I'm on Ruby and Sapphire roms.

  10. As others have said, when there are two versions open you have to import the save file (otherwise it'll start a new game).

    I'm having the same problems as others where I can get into the room but every time I trade it says "the other trainer is busy".

    I've tried v1.8 (trainer busy), 1.7.3 (trainer busy), 1.7.2l (haven't figured out how to actually link w/ this one, there's no network button and it comes with a mysterious vbaserver.exe) and with 1.7.2 (linking doesn't seem to actually be implemented).

    What games have people actually been able to link with this? FireRed <-> LeafGreen doesn't work.

    1. I may try looking through the source code and seeing if I can figure anything out, but I know jack-shit about emulation software.

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  12. It's easy, just try harder and change link option to LAN and type server IP adress and press connect. Hope this helps

  13. I have followed every step exactly but even after I am supposed to be linked (which has seemed to work as I have all the same prompts, etc as in the video) the lady still says this area is reserved for two friends connected via cable.
    Does this work for Pokemon Blue?

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  15. I just get the 'your friend is not ready' on crystal

    1. me too. have you found a solution yet?

  16. Friend its not ready, done everything you said. any help¿

  17. friend not ready..need help please

  18. :( Only works if I turn on the pause when inactive window.. And If i do so, i cant choose my moves properly... And if I turn it off, I get a MAJOR hang, and it crashes eventually.. Help. pls! :(

  19. Anyone having the Friend not ready issue, you need to run both roms and the emulator in the same folder.

    worked for me anyway